Lifetime Warranty

Redeeagleflooring offers a great range of porcelain tiles and porcelain slab to refurbish the home or office space to give a striking grand look. Starting outdoors to kitchen tiling, the tried and right choice for tiling has always been porcelain tiles. In the step for its water-resistant, low-maintainability, and highly durable properties formulates them last for almost a lifetime. The modern porcelain floor tiles have the most promising advantage over other tiles categories. As they very realistically impersonate mostly all types of traditional or natural flooring materials, in which a few of them are wood porcelain tiles, marble porcelain tiles, cork, steel, granite porcelain tiles, and more. Visually, it is nearly unfeasible to differentiate between a porcelain tile and the natural stone or natural flooring material.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Through-bodied porcelain floor tiles are commonly known as gauged porcelain tiles. They have a consistent colour and texture all over the tile; they are highly durable and have a less absorption rate, which is approximately lower than 0.5%. These porcelain floor tiles are highly recommended for high traffic areas in commercial and residential spaces. Porcelain tiles are installed indoors as porcelain walls tiles and porcelain floor tiles for the dining room, porcelain plank tiles, and porcelain wall tiles. Whereas in the kitchen area, they are used as large porcelain floor tiles; and in restrooms as porcelain shower tile, Bathroom porcelain floor tiles, and much more.