Large Format Tile

A large impact, an aesthetically pleasing living space and easier maintenance — large-format tiles have countless style and function benefits. We are going to discuss the definition of a large-format tile, advantages and how to design a space with these grand tiles in mind. Large-format tiles, or LFTs as they are called within the industry, have become bigger than ever. When you see the gorgeous impact they have on a room, you’ll know why!


In recent years, we have seen a surge in LFTs as the tile industry continues to experiment and grow through new technologies. Just ten years ago, a mere 12” tile would have been considered large format. Today, the technical definition of a large-format tile is anything with one side that exceeds 16”, but the largest tiles we’ve seen were presented at the 2018 Cersaie Tile Show and they were over 10 feet long!

A versatile design option, these large tiles come in square and rectangular shapes in both ceramic, porcelain and stone options and can be used on walls or floors.

Looking for an LFT that is large enough to make the room appear larger than it is but won’t overwhelm your space? Our most popular size, 12″ x 24″, is a gratifying middle ground for most spaces.